Terms & Conditions

1. Deposit

Booking for the Tower becomes firm when a deposit of 25% of the rental (to the nearest Euro) together with a completed booking via the website is received by us. Booking requests are not held without a booking deposit of 25%.
Remittances must be made in Euro.

2. VAT

The holiday price includes applicable Value Added Tax.
If rates of VAT change, we reserve the right to amend prices accordingly.

3. Final Payment

The full balance of the total rental cost is payable not later than four weeks before the rental begins. Reminders or receipts will not be sent unless requested. If the full balance is not paid on time we reserve the right to cancel the booking, in which case the deposit will be forfeited.

4. Cancellation charges

If you have to cancel your rental for whatever reason, we will do our best to re-let the cancelled booking and refund your rental in full less an administration charge of €75.00. If however, we do not succeed we reserve the right to make a cancellation charge under the following structure;

  • 70 – 42 days loss of deposit.
  • 42 – 22 days: 50% of total rental.
  • Less than 21 days: 75% of total rental.

Cancellation must be notified by phone as soon as possible 00 353 86 1642671 and must be followed by written confirmation to info@martellotowersutton.com

5. Our Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse any booking and, in exceptional circumstances, to cancel, modify or alter arrangements made for the visitor.

6. Change of Booking

There will be a fee of €30.00 for any transferred booking, and bookings may not be transferred within one month prior to the visitor’s stay. If the transfer involves reducing the length of rental e.g. from two weeks to one week, it will be regarded as a cancellation and will fall under our Cancellation Conditions.

7. Joint bookings

Where two parties join forces to take a holiday in the tower, the booking should be made in one name only – that person (the visitor) to be responsible for all payments and any damage.

8. Advance Bookings

Martello Tower Sutton can be booked at least a year in advance. It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment, particularly over school holiday periods.

Our min stay in high season and during the Christmas period is 1 week. Arrival/departure days during high season are Saturdays only. Arrival days during min 1-week stay for Christmas period vary however not on 25th and 26th December.

9. Offers

From time to time Martello Tower Sutton has special offers running. These offers are not valid with any other offers running at the time. They are also excluding Bank holiday weekends, Christmas, Easter and New Years day which are high demand dates.


1. Electricity /Gas/Internet Access *

All charges are included in the rental.

*Internet usage PLEASE NOTE

* Internet access is via a wireless modem and usage of the internet is for PERSONAL and SOCIAL use only. Our smart television system also works off the internet and guests have the facility to view movies, etc. For your convenience we have credited to this account to the value of €40 on the internet usage outside of this amount will incur a charge unless otherwise agreed prior to arrival.

2. Arrivals and Departures – updated

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we require extra time between bookings to clean and sanitise.

We are flexible where possible on time of arrival and departure. Full instructions on how to get here will be sent to you on confirmation of your booking if you so require. Arrival times may vary, but no earlier than 4.00 pm on days of other guests vacating the tower. On the morning of departure, please leave by 11 am to allow us sufficient time to prepare the property for our next guests. We ask that you please leave the property as you found it. Please do not move furniture as this can cause damage both to the furniture and to the property.

3. Pets

Guide dogs accompanying blind or partially sighted guests and hearing dogs accompanying deaf guests are accepted. No charge is made for a guide or hearing dog with you. However we do not recommend the tower for guests with disabilities due to the buildings historical structure and location. We regret that no dogs, domestic pets or other animals or birds can be accepted in the Tower.

4. Smoking

Under NO circumstances is smoking permitted in the tower ,besides the fact that smoking is now illegal in the workplace in Ireland, many of our guests are non-smokers and it is impossible to get rid of the smell of tobacco between bookings. We reserve the right to charge you for the dry cleaning of all fabrics in the Tower including the curtains if you or any of your guests smoke in the Tower.
A smoke alarm system is internal to the tower and operates in the event of excessive smoke.

5. Visitor Accommodation and Limitation

Sleeping accommodation at all times is limited to a maximum number of four people. No extra guests are permitted to sleep on sofas or in any other areas.

We do advise that persons limited mobility, and children under 5 years of age are not recommended to stay in the tower. This is due to the structure of this historic building and the fact that the original stone staircase is in place.

6. Loss of Visitor Property or Injury

We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any belongings, or for injury sustained by the Visitor or members of his/her party during their stay at the Tower. We exclude liability for loss or damage to any belongings, or for injury sustained to the visitor or member of his/her party during their stay at the Tower. Particular reference is made to the fact that the Tower is built on a rocky shoreline, with dangerous cliffs nearby. We accept no responsibility for any injury incurred on accessing the shoreline or from any activity (including, inter alia, walking, jogging, watersports, cycling etc) in or around the Tower, including the steps accessing the Tower and the shoreline below and the steps in the Tower and the various balcony viewing points.

Guests are also reminded that the Martello Tower Sutton is situated on rocks in Dublin Bay, and can be very exposed to weather conditions, such as high winds and sea spray.

7. Right of Entry

We and our agents reserve the right to enter the Tower at any reasonable time on reasonable cause.

8. Visitor Obligations

The Visitor undertakes to keep the premises and all furniture fixtures and effects in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the booking period (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and shall pay to us the value of any part of the premises, furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects so destroyed or damaged. Breakages and damage should be reported as soon as possible.


The Martello Tower Sutton is a luxurious, Self- Catering accommodation and is not for use as a party venue. We do ask you to treat this property with the respect it deserves, therefore, mistreatment of the tower, will not be permitted. If a party/gathering is held without the owner’s knowledge, your booking will be for fitted and guests will be removed from the tower immediately. No deposit or refund will be given. We also reserve the right to charge for any extra cleaning, damage or any loss that as occurred as a result of any party held.

9. Property Cleanliness

The visitor and members of his/her party are asked to leave the accommodation clean and tidy. We reserve the right to make a charge for extra cleaning if the accommodation is not left in a satisfactory condition. We also reserve the right to charge for any damage caused by misuse or improper conduct in the Tower.

10. Access

The Tower has a parking area for guests only (maximum three cars) and other visitors must park in the car park at the end of the access laneway on Shielmartin Road at all times.

There is a public walkway alongside the tower, and the entrance is shared with the towers main gate. We ask our guest to keep these gates closed this is to deter any other traffic from using the driveway (except emergency vehicles .)

11. Bicycles

If you bring a bicycle/s on holiday, please do NOT take it into the Tower.

12. Complaints

Every care is taken to ensure that the Tower is presented to visitors to a high standard. Should you find on arrival that there is a problem or cause for complaint, please let us know immediately. Every effort will then be made to assist you. It is frustrating for all parties if you write after your holiday and tell us about a problem that could have been solved had we known at the time. We value every booking and want all visitors to enjoy their stay and to return to the Tower again.

Guests are kindly reminded that the tower dates back to 1804 and with any historical building, there are unique elements to it. With a building over 200 years brings also elements beyond our control. Please also consider, for example, the original stone staircase, brickwork, and the walls are up to 10 feet thick. This historical building can cause problems with modern wireless devices & phones that guest may use, this is beyond our control.

Just to Note

Martello Tower Sutton is located ON the Rocks in Red Rock Sutton, therefore, the tower is very exposed to weather elements good or bad !.